Tasos Cheliotis

Tasos Cheliotis

Commercial Director, Frontstage Entertainment

Tasos Cheliotis | LinkedIn 

Tasos Cheliotis, having more than 30 years of career in Media (Radio, Digital, TV, Print) and Advertising Agencies, is for the last 12 years the Commercial Director of Greece’s No.1 radio group, Frontstage Entertainment 

Frontstage Entertainment owns 5 of the biggest and most popular radio stations in Greece: Melodia 99.2, HiT 88.9, En Lefko 87.7, RED 96.3 and Kids Radio 88.6, with about 1/3 of radio listeners tuning in daily to at least one of its stations. Frontstage has also become a leader in live event experiences, producing music, cultural, and corporate events.  

Tasos is also for more than a decade member in the “Joint Radio Listenership Survey Committee” responsible, together with the rest of the members of the committee, for the monitoring and continuous upgrade to the current market needs of Attica’s Official Audience Listenership Survey.