All Things Radio

Presentations 2023

Creativity | ROI | Digital

“Radio and its future Session”

Nessa Mc Gann, Independent Media Consultant, Member Of Radiodays Europe Program Team
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“Radio Market Research Survey Session ROI Session”

George Petrakos, Professor Of Quantitative Methods, Panteion University &Academic Supervisor Of Radio Audience Survey, AEMAR
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“The Power of Radio: Avengers Assemble”

Mark Cunning, CEO & Content Director, IRadio
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“Uniting radio: The power of collaboration”

George Butler, Radio Presenter And Head Of Commercial Marketing At Bauer Media UK
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“Why is radio good for business growth”

Judith Spilsbury, Head Of Training And Special Projects, Radiocentre UK
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“Radioplayer: the future of radio across all digital products in the home and the car”

Ole Jørgen Torvmark, Head Of Product & Country Manager – Radioplayer Sweden, Radioplayer Denmark And Radioplayer Norway
Lawrence Galkoff,General Manager, Radioplayer Worldwide
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